Fatigue Wellbeing Hub

Do you feel tired all the time?

Are you finding it difficult to get up in the morning?

Hitting the snooze button, before leaping out of bed?

Do you need a caffeine kick to get you anywhere near functioning?

Tired of feeling tired?

We are Fatigue specialists here at Salus Fatigue Foundation and we may just have the answers you are looking for.

We have been there too and as a result have developed the Fatigue Wellbeing Hub:

Top 5 Signs you may be suffering from Fatigue or Burnout:

Feeling under pressure and struggling to cope with life

Feeling irritable and moody

Waking up feeling tired

Difficulty concentrating

Just not you anymore

The Fatigue Wellbeing Hub has been developed from 10 years’ experience supporting and educating people affected by fatigue. We have a team of highly qualified Registered Health Practitioners, who deliver all of the Hub content, through easy to follow video series, recipes, tips and advice. The Fatigue Wellbeing Hub will give you a range of knowledge and simple strategies to self manage your fatigue and help to improve your health and wellbeing.

Through our experience we understand that it is not only people who have been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME that are affected by fatigue. At Salus we have worked with people with a range of conditions resulting in fatigue including:

Anxiety & Depression

Brain Injury




Post Traumatic

Linda Jones, founder of Salus Fatigue Foundation, talks here about the excellent work they do and introduces the Salus Fatigue Foundation Team:

Case Studies

Salus Fatigue Foundation have supported many people with fatigue over the last ten years and guided them to make positive steps to wellness. Here are some examples of those who have received our support and their fatigue journey:

Fatigue & Post Traumatic Stress

Fatigue & Fibromyalgia

Fatigue & Cancer

Fatigue & Brain Injury

Fatigue & Anxiety/Coeliac