Ten Years of Salus Fatigue Foundation

Fatigue to Fabulous!
5th August 2019
Walk For Wellness in Birmingham
7th November 2019
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Salus Fatigue Foundation are celebrating ten years of supporting those with fatigue and fatigue related conditions. Linda Jones who founded the organisation in November 2009, herself had ME and had CFS/ME.

Over the last ten years Salus have supported hundreds of people who have accessed Salus support groups, courses, online support via Facebook or through Salus Health Practitioners. On Tuesday 29th October Salus are celebrating their tenth birthday by launching the Fatigue Wellbeing Hub which is an online platform with advice and education delivered by our qualified Health Practitioners. Salus have developed expertise in fatigue over the last ten years and are now sharing their professional support and knowledge through the Hub.

The Fatigue Wellbeing Hub holds a breadth of information about fatigue such as advice and information on:

Pacing, Sleep, Stress, Nutrition, Movement, Alkalising, Superfoods, Hormones.

For more information on how to sign up for the Fatigue Wellbeing Hub click here or visit our website.