Corporate Walk to Wellness day kick starts a month of celebrations

Walk For Wellness in Birmingham
7th November 2019
Congratulation’s for founder of Salus Fatigue Foundation as charity marks 10-year milestone with national roll out
26th November 2019
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Salus Fatigue Foundation will be celebrating its 10-year anniversary with a ‘Walk to Wellness’.

Over the past 10 years, the charity has created a positive community for more than 15000 people affected by fatigue as a result of CFS/ME, Fibromyalgia, Cancer, Brain Injury, Post Traumatic Stress, Hormones, Anxiety and Depression helping to tackle the loneliness and isolation that often runs alongside the symptoms of fatigue.

The aim of the walk is to showcase the effect that small positive movements can make on our physical and physiological wellbeing.

This month the Salus team will do their own ‘Walk to Wellness’, which will be a celebration for the team, both professionally and personally.

The professional celebration is to mark their hard work and commitment over the last 10 years where they have supported thousands of people to make positive changes to get their lives back.

On 6th November the Salus Team worked with some of their corporate partners including Natwest, KIND, Wesleyan, Life4Changing and Urban Training, to put on a series of Walk to Wellness events throughout the day in Birmingham city centre. The team spoke to the employers about Fatigue prevention and management, as well as showing how beneficial a short walk during a lunch break can be.

What is fatigue?

Chronic Fatigue is a condition with more than 20 million sufferers worldwide, and minimal support, care and advice available. 

It can affect anyone at any age and often changes lives forever. Jobs are lost, family relationships strained, and people become extremely isolated, depressed and anxious. Often the most active people are completely stopped in their tracks by it. Imagine living with permanent jet lag, combined with an extreme hangover or severe flu, that never leaves you.

Diagnosis is difficult to get: the severity of symptoms varies from person to person but includes severe mental and physical fatigue, poor memory and concentration, un-refreshing sleep, severe joint and muscle pain, recurring infections and digestive problems.

The team at Salus has complete understanding of these life experiences.

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